“as seen on front label”….ACME LEFT-HANDED WIDGET CORPORATION….ASSHOLE REPELLENT….GUARANTEED TO REPEL A COMPLETE TOTAL REPULSIVE ASSHOLE….Directions….When an Asshole is detected, aim atomizer at the Asshole and spray for one second….Chronic cases of being an Asshole may require the triple flubberblast (three short sprays).
“as seen on back label “…. Let`s face it. The world`s full of Assholes. Whether they`re at the mall, behind the wheel, at the supermarket, or at the gas station, they`re everywhere. They`re Assholes, and you just can`t avoid them. Now you can stick it back to em` with Asshole Repellent. What is Asshole Repellent? It`s ordinary air that will refresh itself over and over again.The planet will run out of Assholes before you`ll run out of Asshole Repellent; and we both know that is not happening. You get our drift.Comes completely assembled.Whoever said Assholes live long and prosper,never had A can of Asshole Repellent.So the next time you run into an Asshole that you tried to avoid, let em` know that you know, that they know, that you know that they`re an ASSHOLE….with ASSHOLE REPELLENT….!!


What the reviewers say

SPECTACULAR Customer Service!!!

This is an update to my last review. I bought a can as a Christmas gift and had a hard time letting it go because it was so much fun. The seller LOVES my home state, so we have that in common and I really appreciated the personal touch of the handwritten note enclosed. As I recall, I said all of this in the previous review. Just noticed that my user name still says I’m in TX… That was a brief stay, I’m back in my home state of NC now to stay forever.

Now for the fun part. The seller appreciated my comments so much, that she sent me another can. Trust me folks, in this day and age, that just doesn’t happen very often. Believe me, when I opened that package today, my flabber was absolutely gasted. I have grinned all day, and that kind of appreciation and customer service deserves a shout out from the tops of the tallest buildings.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have my very own (free!) can of repellant for my desk at work.

2 thumbs, way, way up Sharon, there are no words to express what your gesture meant. If you ever get back to NC, come visit, I would LOVE to meet you and thank you in person.



More Product Details

Amazon price: $13.95
Brand: A – REPELLENT.COM (visit us to see actual customer testimonials)
Model: 6″ tall x 2.5″ wide can w/atomizer & cap
Rating: 5.0 / 10 (10 reviews)


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