Pee Puck-Makes Toilet Water Yellow for Days-Fake Pee Gag Gift

Just released and turning toilets yellow all over the world! PeePuck toilet prank goes into the toilet reservoir. After a few hours, the toilet flushes yellow for days! As the package states, ” Mom will be PISSED, Grandma CONFUSED, and your workmakes LAUGHING! ” Be one of the first in the world to own this cool prank product If you like Pranks, jokes, tricks, gags, then PeePuck is for you.

Pee Puck-Makes Toilet Water Yellow for Days-Fake Pee Gag Gift

What the reviewers say


This thing worked a lot better than I thought I would. I dropped it in on a Saturday when my friend had a lot of guest over. One of the girls went to the bathroom and flush it like 8 times before she gave up. My friend thought everyone peed in the back of the toilet, and that’s why it kept coming up yellow. Yeah, he doesn’t know much about pluming. After flushing it multiple times, it still stayed yellow. He actually used the bathroom about a dozen times before the maintenance man came. Oh, during these last dozen times he didn’t flush because he was like what’s the point. The maintenance guy came and figured it out, and we all laughed about it after. It was so successful that I can’t use the second one because everyone knows about it now.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $2.03
Brand: PeePuck toilet prank
Manufacturer: PeePuck International
Model: PP1
Rating: 4.3 / 6 (6 reviews)

Product listing: Pee Puck-Makes Toilet Water Yellow for Days-Fake Pee Gag Gift

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